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Individual Therapy for Adults

Looking for a place to process? Feel like something isn't working in your life? 

Individual therapy allows the client and clinician to develop a relationship to improve anything that you may feel isn't working for you.

Individual Therapy for Teens

Having difficulty connecting with your teen? Or want your teen to have someone to talk to? 

I'd love to meet them. Once we establish a good relationship, we'll work together to best help your teenager.

Individual Therapy
for Kids

Is your child having difficulty expressing emotion? Are there issues with behavior? 

I'm excited to work to connect with your child and help them adjust their thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Group Counseling

Interested in connecting with individuals who have similar issues? Want feedback from others? 

Group counseling can cover a variety of different topics - let me know what groups would interest you!

At this time, group counseling is not being provided.


Want to discuss a specific topic with your community or school?

I have experience providing workshops to both parents and students. I have topics that I have prepared and can discuss topics based on the needs of the community.

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