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Therapy for teenagers who prefer to shut down 

Serving clients in Virginia

You have a teenager and suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly), it feels like there is a gap between you.

Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris

Your child is smart and capable. They have always come to you and you never wondered what they were thinking. Things seemed so easy until now.

Recently, though, things have been different - they are closed off, distant and doesn't share as much as they did before. You want them to open up again, but it seems like they don't want to. 

You're tired of answers like "fine," "okay," or "I don't know."  

You want to feel close to them again, but it feels like every effort you make is pushing them away instead. 

Seem familiar? Reach out to me!

That's where I come in. I am here to provide a space for my clients to let it all out; a space to be themselves. I create a place where they will be challenged to connect. I will teach them how to be more open with others and themselves. 


I want to support them, educate them and remind them of the importance of openness. This distance between you and your child does not have to be forever. Working with me gives my clients a chance to unload what they feel is burdening them. This makes them a lighter, happier version of themselves for the people in their lives. 

Ready for your child to connect? Let's talk. 


Gillian Scharf 


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