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They said the world would be your oyster.
But now it feels daunting and big...

It's been a tough couple of years  - I think we can all agree on that.


Even though the world is going back to normal, it's hard to know what the new normal should be after big life changes. 

Maybe college is more demanding than you thought it would be. Maybe your job isn't making you as happy as you thought it would. Maybe you had expectations for yourself that you worry about meeting. Maybe meeting people is hard. Maybe going back to the office has proven to be more challenging than you thought it would. 

Maybe you think you should be able to handle all of this easily. Maybe, when it feels challenging, you start to question your capabilities. 

Therapy is right for you if you...

  • Feel anxious about the future

  • Want to learn to work through challenges you face

  • Are struggling with perceived expectations of where you "should be"

  • Need an objective opinion about what you are going through

  • Experience feelings that are new to you

  • Can't seem to find ways to cope with big life changes

Sound at least a little familiar? Reach out and let's talk about it.

I want to empower my clients to feel their feelings instead of ignoring them. I want to be a support, sounding board and objective opinion. 

It can be lonely as a young adult - I've been there!


I want to remind you that you are a capable human who deserves to have rest in a world that seems to only value productivity. I want to educate you, support you and challenge you. I want to help you find yourself in the midst of the craziness that is young adulthood. 

Let's work together to work through these life changes together. 

Contact me for a free consultation.

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