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Clinical Consultation

Therapists have difficult conversations with clients daily. There are some conversations, though, that can create feelings of discomfort, nervousness and doubt. Most often, these feelings are tied to discussions of sex with clients. Whether it's about sex in general or specific sexual behaviors, therapists deserve to feel confident and secure in how they respond to these situations.

Hi, I'm Gillian! I am a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider, meaning I have experience working with individuals who engage in a wide variety of sexual behaviors. I have had countless conversations about topics relating to sex with adults and teens in individual and group settings. 

Along with working with clients, I love to provide support to other therapists on these topics. I have helped guide, encourage and inform therapists within the relationships they have already established with clients. I am confident that, together, we will collaborate to determine what is best for you and your clients. 

1 hour consultation: $150

30-minute consultation: $75

Topics include therapeutic work relating to: 

  • Broaching discussions about sex with clients

  • Appropriate sexual behaviors with partners

  • Healthy masturbation habits

  • Having an appropriate relationship with pornography 

  • Sexually deviant behaviors (peeping, exposing, stealing underwear, etc.) 

  • Consent and boundaries relating to sex

  • Confronting clients about unhealthy habits

  • Conversations to have with parents or other adults about sexual behaviors 

While I love to have conversations about these topics with clients, I know discussions about sexual topics can be difficult. 

You already do incredible work - you have built a solid relationship, done the difficult digging and you know your clients well. I will help you fill in the gaps. You will learn important questions to ask, typical behaviors at every age and ways to process these conversations as they happen. Working with me will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to discuss these hard topics

Your clients trust you enough to bring these topics up - be ready when they are! 

Reach out to me today!

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