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There is no roadmap for talking with your teenager about unhealthy sexual behavior. 

You feel concerned and overwhelmed by how to best talk to your teen about healthy behavior. You want to help them make healthy and appropriate decisions. 

Whether an inappropriate behavior has happened or you want your teen to have education, these discussions can be difficult.

I know how to have these discussions. 

Let me help. 

Therapy is for your teen if you'd like them to learn more about....

  • Healthy platonic, romantic and sexual relationships 

  • Consent and boundaries with self and others

  • Appropriate pornography and internet use 

  • Healthy masturbation habits 

  • Ways to discuss sexual behavior with other teens and adults 

  • Appropriate language surrounding sexual behaviors

Seem like some things you would like your teen to know? 

 Schedule your free consultation to get started!

I want your teen to have a secure understanding of themselves and others. I want them to know how to make healthier and more appropriate decisions.

As a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider, I have experience working on these topics with individuals of all ages. I will educate and support your teen in a non-judgmental and approachable way. My goal with all of my clients is to give them the knowledge and skills to make good choices. 

If you are a therapist hoping to consult on these topics, 

visit my consultation page. 

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