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Hi, I'm Gillian!

I am an extraverted homebody with a lot feelings. It took some time to get to know these feelings and learn how to manage them*. Now that I have, I have made a career out of my passion for talking to people about their own feelings. Whether the feelings are as big as mine or it feels like there are no feelings at all, I want to hear all about them. 

*Note that I did not say make them smaller or quieter - just manage!

I work with clients who may sometimes be confused by their feelingsAfter we get to know feelings better, I help my clients learn what to do with them. 

Gillian Scharf


My goal is to empower clients to feel their feelings instead of hoping they go away. 


Parents of my previous clients have told me that I have made their more resistant teenager at least tolerate therapy (a rare compliment from a teenager!). In my work with teenagers (and in my personal experience as a former teenage girl), I have learned how important it is to develop trust. I take the time to get to know your child and to fully understand the best ways to help them. 


I want my clients to have a place to say exactly what they want to say, feel exactly how they want to feel and be exactly who they want to be. 

Licenses & Certifications: 

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Provider

  • Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider


  • Marymount University: MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • Marymount University: MA in Forensic & Legal Psychology

I have been working with teenagers since I started therapeutic work. I have attended multiple trainings and events relating to how to best address the issues teenagers face today. This includes issues relating to interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, social media use and effective communication.
My certifications include an Anxiety Treatment Provider, which required extensive training in understanding the
symptomology and treatment of anxiety in all ages. I have also attended trainings in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a common therapeutic orientation that can be applied to many different mental health issues. 

About the name

Tavernier (pronounced tavern - eer) is the name of a town where my family used to have a vacation home. I visited the home so often that there is a room named after me.

By naming my practice after the town, I hope to bring the peace, happiness and warmth that I felt at the home to my work with clients. This will create an open and comfortable environment to begin the therapeutic process and create positive change.

just blue.jpg

About the Logo

The circle in the middle represents the center of the therapeutic process – you, the client. The lines underneath the circle are reaching outwards. These represent the therapeutic relationship we form - we are reaching for each other in order to help and to receive help. Lastly, the three outer circles represent multiple elements: the layers of support encircling each of us, the protection we can create around ourselves and radiating waves of health and healing. 

All of these elements are important to me personally and professionally. They are indicative of the approach and philosophy of Tavernier Therapy Group. 

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