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You knew your child becoming a teenager would be tough, but was it supposed to be
full-time silent treatment? 

Your child always came to you before, but now they prefer to talk to a phone screen. You worry there is something going on but can't get them to talk about it.


They seem disconnected and distant and unwilling to share anything with you. Your efforts to get them to open up are met with frustration and annoyance.


There are more frowns than smiles and they seem less self-assured and confident.

You hate to see them this way.

Therapy is right for your teenager if you...

  • Feel worried there may be more going on than they are telling you

  • Feel a strong instinct to try to get them to talk to you

  • Want them to be independent but still connected to you

  • Worry the gap between you will widen if they don't talk with someone

  • Notice your child seems less self-assured and confident

  • Have heard of difficulties between them and their friends

Therapy is right for your teenager if they...

  • Seems to shut down completely or ignore you

  • Displays social anxiety or worries about school

  • Slips in academic performance

  • Experiences increased anxiety about academic performance

  • Says things like "you won't get it" 

  • Has lost interest in things they used to love

If these seem familiar, schedule your free consultation to get started!

My goal is to empower clients to feel their feelings instead of bottling them up. The disconnect and distance does not have to be forever. I will teach your teenager to be authentic and how to  acknowledge what they are feeling. I will help them understand that the best way for things to change is to communicate what they want and need. 

I don't want to become your child's best friend - I want them to know that I am here. I am here to educate them, to support them and to challenge them. 

I have worked with many teenagers, and I am confident that I can build a trusting relationship with your child. By having me in their corner and as a sounding board, your teenager will be able to unburden themselves of things they find heavy.  

Ready for you child to get started? 
Contact me today!

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